Lola is so excited to have two fellow German Shepherds in the White House! Known as DOTUS— Dogs of the United States—Major and Champ are already hard at work for their canine brethren, in between well-deserved play breaks on the White House lawn.

The Oval Pawffice  has its own official website and all of the cool pup products—or as they call them “pawducts”—are sold to benefit organizations that help care for and protect animals. The recipients change monthly and so far have benefited groups including the Animal Welfare Institute  and Best Friends Animal Society.

Merchandise ranges from pet bandanas to human t-shirts, coffee mugs and face masks. I bought the cool travel mug pictured here in my Pawffice—I love the 46 pawprint logo!

Major—adopted from the Delaware Humane Association—is the first rescued shelter dog to live in the White House—and his older brother, Champ, is a seasoned political (or should I say pawlitical) veteran. The 3-year-old Major is a bit rambunctious, but Champ, who is 12 and lived in the Vice President’s house when Biden occupied that office, is teaching him the proper etiquette required for First Dogs.

Also totally savvy about media exposure, the First Dogs have their own social media accounts and you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Photo credit: [Ginger Warder]