It’s time to start decking the halls! Max—my mom’s min-pin mix who came to live with me—was the one dog who never minded being dressed for the holidays. He was a pumpkin at Halloween and Santa Paws at Christmas, as pictured here.

None of my dogs ever messed with the Christmas tree or decorations, but Weezer once got into the presents and opened and ate an entire box of candy. Luckily, she had no ill effects from that, but I learned my lesson and I never put any kind of food items under the tree! Since things like chocolate and raisins are toxic for dogs, the holidays are definitely a time to be vigilant.

Lola loves riding in the car, so this year on Christmas Day, we will head out for a beautiful park and take a long, long walk. She’ll also get a stocking with some new toys and maybe a set of new food and water bowls. And I’ve already promised her that I won’t try to put the reindeer ears on her this year!

We wish you and your furry family a fun, festive and safe holiday season!

Photo credit: [Santa Max photo by Ginger Warder]