Located about 50 miles west of Washington, D.C. in Delaplane, Virginia, Barrel Oak Winery (BOW) gets a big “Bow Wow” from local canines and visitors alike. This award-winning winery—you should try the Reserve Norton— prides itself on creating a sense of community and even in these times of social distancing, has found a way to welcome guests.

The hillside is now covered with appropriately-spaced picnic tables. You can grab a bottle of wine curbside and bring your own kids, dogs and picnic supplies or make a reservation for the Return to Bow experience, which includes wine bottle and beer pitcher table service at outdoor seating. No parties of more than 10 people are allowed, but the winery is open daily and no reservations are required for the picnic table seating. Check the website for hours, specials, food truck visits and live music events.

Barrel Oak Winery Photo by Barrel Oak Winery