If there were a Disneyland for dogs, it would look a lot like Windsor Castle Park in Smithfield! The park features wide open spaces for running or playing fetch, agility courses, water and dog cleaning stations, and benches for bipedal guests. It’s divided into two sides—one accessible for free by all visitors and one that requires local residents or regular visitors to register and pay a small annual fee. Both sides include the off-leash play areas and agility courses, but only the registered users’ side also features a doggie pool.

The Bark Park is part of the larger 208-acre park created by Joseph W. Luter III, the founder of Smithfield Foods. You’ll find miles of hiking trails, as well as kayaking if you have a boat-loving pup.

Park rules require all dogs be up to date on vaccinations, prohibits food and tobacco products in the park and requires humans to clean up after their pals. Children under the age of 5 must be in a stroller or in their parents’ arms and no sick or aggressive dogs are allowed.

Located in the historic downtown of Smithfield, Windsor Castle Park is also an easy side trip from Williamsburg, where you can catch the free ferry to cross the James River or less than an hour’s drive from Virginia Beach