Virginia’s Pet Travel Pros

Our mission is to share some of our favorite places in Virginia where you can have fun WITH your dog!

Tray foot Mountain Overlook Skyline Drive Photo by Megan Soffer/

Tail Waggin’ Travel

As the song says, “Girls just wanna have fun”!

I grew up on the Potomac River, just below George Mason’s Gunston Hall Plantation and what is now a state park called Mason Neck. I’ve traveled the state from one end to the other for most of my life, accompanied by my loyal four-legged companions (Weezer, Tipsy, Max and now Lola) Some were great travelers—Weezer wins that award as she would ride all day with no complaint—and all of them have filled my life and my journeys with furry fun.

I firmly believe that our dogs are our companions and I want to be with my BFF as much as possible, so I am sharing travel information on places where you can have fun with your dog! And I also wanted to share with you my love of my home state and its distinct personality that was shaped, in a large part, by its role in America’s history. I’ve included some of the most pet friendly destinations and activities that the Old Dominion offers, but I hope you and your best friends will also discover some of your own along the way.

Meet the Pack

You can’t research dog friendly destinations without a pack of dogs!



Weezer was a superstar traveling dog, who loved riding in the car and grabbing a plain burger at whatever drive through was handy. During my nomadic years, we lived in Virginia, New York’s East Village, Washington D.C.’s Capitol Hill neighborhood and in the country music capital, Nashville, Tennessee. She was so popular that a rock band stole her name!



Max was my mom’s dog and when she died, he came to live with Tipsy and me. Although Tipsy was a 100-pound German Shepherd and Max was a 10-pound MinPin, it was Max who was the more aggressive of the two…he was cute but ferocious! And he was definitely my most photogenic dog, who didn’t mind dressing up as a pumpkin or bat at Halloween. He loved that tropical hat that I bought him at a sunset celebration at Mallory Square in Key West, Florida.


Ginger & Tipsy

Tipsy was a big 100-pound German Shepherd with a playful personality and the first dog I ever bought a car for—in fact, I bought a Chrysler Town ‘N Country van in order to take her along on my travels—and we enjoyed 13 wonderful years together. She had a bit of wolf in her, reflected in her unique, long-legged gait and her extremely protective nature. We were definitely a pack!



Lola was five years old when I adopted her after her first human parents passed away. It took a while for her to grieve and for us to bond, but now she follows me everywhere and loves riding in the backseat of the Subaru. She has great ears and hates loud noises, which actually helped her save my life—on one of our long walks, she heard a cracking noise and yanked me backwards just before a huge tree fell across our path. Now I always trust her judgment!

Kayaking in Carvins Cove photo by Samantha Brooke